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URSM commits to finalizing the hospital project, recruiting local medical professionals, and initiating the construction of a state-of-the-art mental health care facility. The party advocates for subsidized dental care and screening programs in primary education, the introduction of SXM health insurance, and a sustainable health care financing model. Additionally, URSM plans to establish a Medical Health Professional Registry, construct a revalidation center, and diversify medical specialists. The expansion of elderly home care and nursing home facilities, alongside after-office-hours family physician and dentistry care availability, reflects URSM’s dedication to comprehensive health care.


URSM is dedicated to fostering education by promoting scholarships for sports and arts, encouraging self-reliance education, and addressing special needs education. The party envisions a national university with dorms, subsidized early childhood education, and a restructured vocational education program aligned with the labor market. Legislation for parent school contributions, a state-of-the-art national library, and enhanced integration of performance arts are key components of URSM’s educational agenda.


URSM proposes transforming the minimum wage into a living wage, establishing a livable old-age pension, and eliminating taxes on senior citizens. The party pledges assistance in home care and assisted living accommodations for seniors, a reorganized public transportation system, and a revamped social welfare framework. The construction of a homeless shelter is also a top priority.


To stimulate economic growth, URSM advocates for US pre-clearance at Princess Juliana International Airport, introducing an environmental/infrastructure tourist fee, and implementing a visitor’s driver’s license fee. The creation of a one-stop-shop for entrepreneurs, Public Service Center outlets, and a National Development Bank aims to streamline processes and support local and international businesses. URSM also emphasizes job creation and the promotion of the Orange Economy.


URSM envisions an expanded social housing capacity, rent-to-own housing projects, and affordable housing for the middle class. The party proposes the establishment of a mortgage guarantee fund to empower citizens in homeownership..


The Unified Resilient Sint Maarten Movement (URSM) is poised to lead the nation toward a prosperous and sustainable future. URSM invites citizens to join the movement and collectively build a resilient and thriving Sint Maarten.


URSM emphasizes justice through the construction of a modern detention center, rehabilitation, and probation center. Customized immigration policies aligned with labor necessities and the establishment of police stations reinforce URSM’s commitment to a secure and just society.


URSM understands the responsibility of the Government to continuously update and revise outdated laws to ensure they align with our society’s evolving needs and aspirations. As times change, new issues arise that require updated legislation to address them appropriately.


URSM believes that the nations strength lies within the citizens and its communities. To create the St. Maarten that YOU want. URSM will aim to create opportunities for positive community building putting Country Above Self and citizens first and empowering their strengths and skills to create the community YOU as St. Maarteners want to live in. The URSM will focus on Community Development through nurturing, initiating, stimulating, guiding, facilitating, and supporting activities of population groups that collectively focus on improving their personal, living, working, and living situation.

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The UNIFIED RESILIENT ST. MAARTEN MOVEMENT (URSM) strongly believes in the principles of democracy, rule of law, and inclusion, while upholding and honoring human values as the fundamental rights, freedoms, conscious conviction for all. URSM will lead with a clear vision and approach that is anchored in dignity, integrity, equality, peace, and respect, contributing to the betterment of humankind on Sint Maarten

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